Duration: 2-3 weeks

Acceptance from India:Aims at raising the interest of Indian students toward the Japanese science and technology at Hiroshima university, and providing the opportunity to experience Japanese culture.

Acceptance from Japan:Aims at raising the interest of HU students toward the Indian S&T, and providing the opportunity to experience Indian culture and practice English.


Idea Mining Workshop

Duration: 3-5 days

Aim at learning to design highly feasible policies, public projects, and new businesses, using the methods of data and text mining. As a content of workshop, visits to local companies and Japanese/Indian experience are also included. The workshops will be organized by HU alternately in Japan and India.


ILDP Study Abroad Program (ILDP-SAP)

Duration: One term (2-3 month) or One semester (4-5 month) / Research Work

Designed specifically for university students who want to deepen and broaden their studies for a semester of study abroad. Between HU and 6 Indian institutions, the credit transfer system will be introduced. HU accept students as special audience students and their tuition is paid to home institution.