ILDP Internship (Japan to India)

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The internship, which plays a role in the intermediate course of “India-Japan International Linkage Degree Program” (ILDP), provides undergraduate students with a focused and challenging short research experience in a cutting-edge study laboratory of Indian institutes or to the chance to explore work experience options in a public and private sector in India.


The internship participants at HU will be required for internship completion to:

  1. conduct a practical training in one of the ILDP member institutions or the organization which is arranged by them;
  2. devote more than 30 hours per week for minimum 2 weeks to his/her internship assignments;
  3. join in activities organized by his/her host professor;
  4. make a presentation at a seminar;
  5. submit a report of research outcomes before returning to home institution;
  6. and do other activities agreed under host professor and ILDP program.

Certificate of completion will be issued to participants who fulfill the requirements above.

Host Institutions

Regarding Registration for Internship Course

Student who are dispatched by ILDP internship, must take “ILDP-internship Basic/Advanced (J to I),” or other internship subject which is offered by your school/graduate school.

ILDP Internship Basic/Advanced (J to I)

In completing this course, students will earn up to 2 credits. Under the academic advisor’s guidance, students MUST submit a written Internship Implementation Plan by the prescribed form to the Student Support Group, in principle, at least 2 weeks prior to the start of training.