MESSAGE from Director

Welcome to Hiroshima University !

Akimasa FUJIWARA, Program Coordinator

The ILDP program focuses on developing innovators who can translate advanced technologies in three interdisciplinary fields, smart infrastructure development, new energy, and environmental sustainability, into practical use in our society. Designed to fill in the gaps of specialized knowledge and skills of the students concerned, the program is expected to be thought-provoking and to give many opportunities for learning and personal growth. With the ILDP program, there bound to an increase of cross-border student exchanges which will lead to further promotion of education and research activities among the universities concerned. This, I believe, will be the key towards realizing innovations in the world.

India is one of the fastest growing hubs for technological innovations in the world. By implementing an ILDP student exchange program between the six Indian universities and Hiroshima University, a large scale of strong human network will be established between India and Japan. By sharing and developing our knowledge and technologies in these fields with Indian universities, I strongly hope that our collaboration will serve as an engine for sustainable growth in the globalized world, while such collaboration also serves Japanese and Indian societies to grow together.