SPLENDOR PLAN 2017, Hiroshima University

By establishing a new philosophy of peace science “Science for Sustainable Development,” Hiroshima University will contribute to the realization of a diversified, free, and peaceful global society.

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Technological innovation and its proper implementation in society is indispensable to the accelerated realization of economic development based on science and technology which India is aiming for. In addition, it is equally important for Japan, which has extensive experience and achievement regarding social implementation of science and technology, to learn together with India and realize the benefits offered by emerging economies so that Japan can reconsider its own science and technology development – and so further innovate. With this in mind, Hiroshima University is fully committed to “leading science for sustainable development” as outlined in its new long-term vision “SPLENDOR Plan 2017”.


This proposal intends to establish the International Linkage Degree Program (ILDP) through collaboration between Hiroshima University and the top universities of India including IIT-D, IIT-B, IIEST-S, BITS-P, CSIR-CEERI, and IIM-A. It involves developing advanced human resources in order to implement innovative technologies in Japanese and Indian societies, to train human resources that guide the direction of technological development according to regional challenges, and to embed technological development appropriately into local society. Therefore, the project will first provide Japanese and Indian students with an education package that incrementally raises their global competencies through three courses. Eventually a new degree program will emerge that allows for the seamless and efficient transfer of students between courses, units and modules amongst the above named Japan-India universities.